We work in the construction company to carry out all construction works of two types: bone building / turnkey construction, starting from drilling work till completion according to specific timetable, specific quantities and precise engineering specifications for the foundation, construction and materials used. Construction to ensure the implementation of the work with utmost precision and to ensure compliance with the requirements and specifications and measurements of engineering.

We are proud of the construction of thousands of projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in many cities covered by our cover between government agencies, companies, offices, exhibitions, factories and working with the people. We are proud to be the partner of many engineering offices for our professionalism and reliability.

Of the construction works carried out by the construction together:
Complete construction, Construction with finishing (turnkey).
Constructions Add roles and attachments.
Maintenance and renovation contracts.
Constructions of different structures.
Get a special offer in construction contractors if you:
You have large buildings (4 floors and more).
Industrial buildings or warehouses.
A commercial or medical center or complex.
A beneficiary of the Real Estate Development Fund.
One of the beneficiaries of the financing offers from banks and local finance companies.
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We offer free special offers on free turnkey projects:
Free construction.
For complete schemes free of charge.
Design is free (with the possibility of previewing the design before it is approved for execution).
This is not all, we have a lot and a lot to offer our customers. Get coupons for very special discounts on other services from trusted partners in different fields. These coupons can be used at any time, including: (lifts – furniture – kitchens – Bedrooms – boards – electrical appliances – household utensils – car umbrellas).

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Our offers do not end after the completion of construction and delivery, we have many specialized partners
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