The buildings company makes your buildings unique and more brilliant according to the precise engineering plan, fine details and art that fills the eye with delight, our designs distinguish elegance and magnificence.

Modern designs suitable and suitable for the environment Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of its originality and authenticity, mimics the past and keeps up with the future, and takes into account the local environment.

Make your buildings more beautiful With our beautiful designs, we provide designs for buildings of all kinds:
Design of villas
Design of chalets
Designing buildings and buildings
designing gardens
Design of restrooms
Design of public sites
Design palaces
Etc ….
Architectural design methods
To design any architectural project we must provide several means and means:
Select the project type.
The site where the architectural work will be designed, where the area, neighborhood and location are determined, with the costs associated with the project being considered, as well as the obstacles that may be encountered.
Division, which means the division and division of areas, the regulations in which the type of building to be constructed, the height of the building, as well as the construction methods are determined.
Topographic features, where the project is identified either as sloping land or flat land.
Road traffic to the project.
Tracks, which are within a single project.
Architectural Design Requirements.
The architectural design of any project requires several things to consider:
Relationship chart.
Design plan.
Design of the main interface of the project.
Be assured of the implementation of all our work we are implementing and we are working to achieve a high level of quality and with utmost precision due to:
> Engineering team based on the implementation of geometric shapes of designs.

> Advisory team oversees implementation.

> Continuous follow-up from implementation to completion and delivery.

Our offers do not end after the completion of construction and delivery, we have many specialized partners
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