(Different shapes – high quality – ensure installation)
A wonderful collection of designs and interior decoration ideas put in your hands.
Stylish designs for exterior facades and entrances.
We have the best market experience of skilled hands in woodwork and high quality interior decoration and taste.
Our specialized team designs for exterior decoration and all types of external decoration of natural stone, stone, marble or other including supply, installation and supervision.
We do all kinds of exterior & interior paints & all types of interior & exterior paints. Also we have a professional team for installing wallpaper.
We implement and design the latest decoration of ceilings borrowed from gypsum or gypsum board for villas, palaces, offices and others according to the approved scheme and engineering supervision and implementation of the most skilled labor, including our extensions of electricity and lighting hidden and other.
We install all kinds of floor tiles & interiors. We also supply all types of special supplies:
Natural stone
artificial stone
Wall paper
Indoor lighting
What distinguishes the buildings company:
As usual, Bnayat Company provides guarantees to its customers on the completion of several years.
Free maintenance when necessary at any time.
Special rates on full business.
Choose high quality materials.
Implementation on schedule.
If you have any questions about finishing works or to request a finishing contractor please contact us through this form here or contact us at 0550666988

Our offers do not end after the completion of construction and delivery, we have many specialized partners
You can email us through the wats on 0550666988 or send an email with the following button
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