A fleet of modern machinery and equipment capable of carrying out road works, digging, demolition, filling, crushing and cutting. Banyat provides everything you need to start your project, starting with chisel and even large cranes to ensure you get all the tools and machines from one place to not There are third parties that may cause delay or not be professional and professional work that we plan and aspire to, and the following is a list of some equipment:

»Skid steer loaders



»Bullets 20 tons and 25 tons



»Asphalt compactors


One of the most important features:
Modern models with ages of less than 5 years.
Taking into account the requirements of the Saudi market in purchasing our equipment and developing its accessories in a timely manner.
To ensure the provision of all means of security and safety.
Rehabilitation equipment that ensures the benefit of the machine throughout its life.
Emergency equipment rental to meet project needs and avoid the risk of delay.
Continuous training on equipment refurbishment and repair mechanisms.
Periodic maintenance of the stomach and return to the best cases through (workshops central).
Disposal of invalid equipment, which is a waste of time.
Rental is available on an hourly basis, per day, per month, per project.
We provide equipment on its own or with driver (as desired).
Machines and equipment are available in different sizes and sizes according to the needs of each job or project
The possibility of moving equipment from one city to another taking into account that it may take some time.
Competitive prices by contract or project.
Large quantities are available in several cities.
Provide an alternative when the breakdown or maintenance.
For any inquiries about machinery and equipment please contact us from here or call us on the consolidated telephone number: 920010950

Our offers do not end after the completion of construction and delivery, we have many specialized partners
You can email us through the wats on 0550666988 or send an email with the following button
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