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The design of the decorations with high professionalism to make the place an impressive picture of the art of luxury, distinguished by luxury and elegance with modern design luxury homes, offices and shops.

Works (excavation - demolition - landfill - Aldak)

Works (excavation - demolition - landfill - Aldak)

Great potential for the construction company in the works of excavation, demolition, removal, reclamation, cutting and docking in the presence of modern equipment to meet the needs and experience of unlimited manpower, technicians and specialized engineers.

Implementation of projects

implementation of projects

The buildings company with a capital of more than 4000.000 riyals and experience, competencies and equipment can implement any government project / business sector / people.

Restoration and Maintenance

Restoration and maintenance

Building maintenance and repair works are essential as tools develop and we provide solutions for maintenance and repair.

Building Contracting

Building Contracting

The experience of the years and the legacy of grandparents and scientific certificates have made buildings a source of confidence of many, in addition to the tools and equipment integrated to work on the implementation of construction work, hands skilled and reliable expert in the implementation of work accurately and skill, and build only according to the drawings and technical specifications and engineering proficiency.

Finishing Works

finishing works

We have the skilled workers capable and qualified to carry out the work of interior and exterior finishes professionally in accordance with the best specifications and under the supervision of engineering and continuous use of the best materials.

Machines and Equipments

machines and equipments

The equipment management system is an essential part of the building company’s competitiveness. Modern equipment and integrated fleet Whatever your need of equipment you will find what you are looking for in one place, which helps to reduce the waste of effort and time.

Design of Buildings

Design of buildings

The art of architectural design is a work of art, a creative work. Many of the buildings that have been designed for years are still considered to be works of art, whether archeological, archeological or modern.