The mountains of Mecca complained to us. This could be the most accurate expression of the results of our work in the field of dredging, digging, cutting, digging, demolishing and digging. We have implemented significant projects in record times.

Bnayat has the full capacity to carry out construction work on roads, buildings and others, as well as related landfill operations and the transfer of drilling waste to the designated areas.

First .. Excavations
Definition of
Excavations are all works related to altering the natural features of the earth, including (excavation, transport, landfill, settlement,

Field of Excavations:
Facilities of all kinds.
Projects of all kinds.
Government projects and public utilities.
Dam works.
Roads and Airports.
All the infrastructure works.
Drilling works for the construction of buildings:
Drilling works to prepare and prepare the public site.
Drilling to reach the foundation level of construction.
The work of landfill, settlement and settlement above the bases and behind the retaining walls.

Means of carrying out excavation works:
Excavations by mechanical means (bulldozers, turks, reapers, bugs).
Excavations by hand (Crick – Dwarf).
Excavations by blasting and resorting to it in case of failure of previous methods.
Second, the landfill works
When performing landfill work, the following items should be considered:
The backfill should be on layers of 20 – 30 cm.
The dredging must be clean and free from any organic matter.
The need to use water intensively.
Need to use mechanical stamping machines.
Soil strength test should be carried out after completion of landfill work.

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